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Rachel Perez Coaching and Consulting supports high-achieving leaders, creatives, artists, athletes, musicians, and professionals to feel more vibrant and inspired so that they can dramatically improve their results and create the impactful life of their dreams while sharing their passion with the world.

If you are a high-achiever with a burning desire to finally accomplish your goals faster than you ever thought possible and tap into your limitless potential without all the frustration, overwhelm, stress, injuries, and burnout, then get in touch with Rachel Perez today to uncover the missing piece you've been searching high and low to find.  

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For Individuals

With constant pressure to improve, perform, reach perfection, and succeed, high-achieving professionals, artists, musicians, creatives, and athletes can feel like they constantly carry a thousand pound weight on their shoulders—leading to immense stress, burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, and depression.

You don't have to face this alone!  As a certified life coach and expert in high performance, Rachel can help you regain your health and inspiration to create your dreams today.

For Teams

Want to create an empowered and dynamic team that seamlessly works together and collaborates with a cheerful spirit and excellent service? The bottom line of every business can dramatically improve by empowering teams to work together and reach goals faster while having more fun.

Revolutionize the way you think about team-work, and see your group's results soar while taking calculated risks and unifying energies in support of your goal. 

For Organizations

The industry of classical performing arts is changing. Arts administrators are waking up to a new and better way to engage, present, promote, and market live performing arts experiences for patrons.

With more than 15-years experience in arts marketing, communications, and project management, Rachel has created multiple record-breaking ticket sales results post-pandemic and continues to buck struggling trends. Rachel helps arts organizations elevate their brand and results.


"Coming from a record breaking marketing team and years of valuable coaching experience, Rachel Perez is a powerhouse in marketing and consulting. She establishes a warm and targeted energy on your road to success. Rachel consistently strives to meet goals, drive results, and create high performing strategies whether it's for personal or organizational growth. Your passion becomes her passion."

- Christopher Hernandez, Graphic Designer at Colorado Ballet

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“Unconventional success calls for unconventional approaches.” - Price Pritchett

Wondering what to do when hard work just doesn't work anymore? When you feel like you've tried everything and still failed to reach your desired results, it's time for a different approach. If you've been pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into your work, and still have yet to see the results you seek, I'd love to hear your story and support you on your journey to unlock your fullest creative potential without all the stress, overwhelm, and frustration. 

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